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American Medical Gas Resources (AMGR) LLC is a trusted provider of reliable and safe medical gas delivery solutions. With our extensive range of gases, prompt deliveries and unwavering commitment to safety, we aim to be a preferred partner for your healthcare facility in meeting your medical gas needs. AMGR is an American Indian Owned medical gas distributor and is qualified to provide medical-grade bulk liquid oxygen and compressed medical gas cylinders. AMGR is approved by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for hydrostatic testing to requalify compressed gas cylinders and is licensed by the Oklahoma State Pharmacy Board. AMGR’s oxygen fill station performs cylinder maintenance and prefill & post fill procedures required by FDA on all medical gas bottles delivered. Our transportation containers for gaseous and liquid forms of gases comply with the Department of Transportation’s specifications. All medical gases and cryogenic liquids are maintained, filled, marked, labeled according to 21 CFR, CGA C-7, CGA V-23 and shipped to comply with current DOT Title 49-Transportation, Code of Federal Regulations. At AMGR, we understand the urgency associated with medical gas delivery. Our streamlined logistics and dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles enable us to respond promptly to urgent requests, ensuring that healthcare professionals can focus on delivering exceptional patient care without interruptions. Contact us today for more information.


Hydrostatic Testing

AMGR uses a USDOT approved computerized process for requalifying 3A, 3AA, 3AL, and (SP) special permit cylinders. The hydrostatic testing process is calibrated daily for accuracy. Customers will receive a data report that categorizes cylinders into passing, failing, as well as the results of post testing both internally and externally. Internal Visual Inspection testing to detect any corrosion, erosion, SLC (sustained load cracking), and pitting. Cylinder Threads are evaluated during the Internal Visual Inspection to detect any cross threading and thread leaks cylinder may have. External testing includes inspecting side walls of gouges, scrapes, erosion, and visual inspection of the valves to ensure no contaminants or hydrocarbons have contaminated the valve. Valves are replaced as needed and included in the report. Request a quote.

Medical Grade Oxygen Cylinder Rental

AMGR delivers medical grade oxygen cylinders of all sizes to hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices, veterinary clinics, pharmacies, and home health agencies. Disposable goods related to the delivery of oxygen are also available: nasal cannulas, oxygen masks, tubing, cylinder wrenches, cylinder shoulder bags, and E cylinder carts to name a few. We are available to conduct inventory surveys with an assessment report that assists the customer in determining their status of oxygen cylinder quantities, pricing, and current delivery schedules. AMGR will prepare a customized oxygen delivery program that is efficient and cost effective for your facility. Request an appointment.

Custom Oxygen Racks

AMGR provides custom storage racks for multiple cylinder sizes and quantities. The design allows for a quick assessment of the number of tanks available and easy transport within your facility. Rack sizes that are available:
• Rolling storage racks for M90s, E, D, C/M90, and M6/B
• H/T/K cylinder stands.
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Cylinder Cleaning

AMGR provides a detailed cleaning and testing process on all cylinders in our warehouse with our state-of-the art computerized system. All cylinders are individually “hand cleaned” by warehouse technicians then sent through an 18-step process to ensure the cylinders are safe and clean internally and externally. Request a warehouse tour


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